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The Maine Association of Sea Kayak Guides & Instructors recommends that you ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you have proper clothing and gear?

With pre-season ocean temperatures barely above 40°F, the minimum required is a drysuit with fleece or wool layers, neoprene booties, a warm hat and gloves/pogies.

2. Do you paddle with a partner?

Consider the risks of proximity in a rescue scenario.

3. Do you have sold self-rescue skills: roll and/or other?

Nothing is bombproof, especially in cold water. Dexterity loss is rapid in cold temperatures.

4. What communication devices do you bring? And do you know how to use them?

Cell reception on the outer islands is inconsistent. VHF radio calls are only as good as those who receive them.

5. Are you confident in your ability to choose appropriate conditions and not deliberately get into a rescue scenario?

A rescue along the coast of Maine is likely hours away, at least.

And ALWAYS wear a PFD.

Pandemic or not, no one should go out on the water if they think there is a likely chance of requiring rescue services.

Especially during COVID-19, we must avoid putting ourselves and others at risk by engaging in backcountry activities that could result in the use of emergency medical services. Any injury takes away medical resources, and any Search and Rescue (SAR) operation brings many people together in order to perform a rescue, putting the rescuers at risk.

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Can I land on MITA islands during the Covid-19 pandemic?

For MITA's updated list of island access, click here.


Click here for the most current State of Maine information on the Covid-19 situation.

State of Maine COVID-19 Prevention Checklist Industry Guidance

As the number of COVID-19 cases begins to decrease, the State of Maine is adopting a staged approach, supported by science, public health expertise and industry collaboration, to allow Maine businesses to safely open when the time is right.

Click here for the Guided Hunting, Fishing, Boating and Outdoor Activities checklist. This is one of many industry guidance documents for business that the State is preparing for businesses so they can be prepared to meet health guidelines and reopen safely.

In order to open, businesses must commit to complying with requirements of these checklists by filling out this short online form.


Update from the ACA Regarding Recertifications

Instructors, Instructor Trainers, or Instructor Trainer Educators whose certifications are set to expire on 12/31/2020 who cannot complete their ACA certification renewal requirements due to the current COVID-19 crisis are encouraged to request a one-year administrative extension.

For more info, click here.