MASKGI Officer Roles & Responsibilities

MASKGI Officers

MASKGI is administered by a volunteer group of members. Officers conduct administrative tasks for the group, like membership drives, surveys, and meeting planning. The Officers also lead initiatives or working groups, or help other members lead these activities. Officers typically meet monthly, with most activity during the off-season.
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Webmaster
Time commitment varies, but a few hours every 1-2 weeks is typical depending on what programs are running. Commitments are minimal during the guiding season (May - August) since most members are very busy during this period. Roles are flexible, and have been very collaborative.


Primary facilitator for the organization; monitor and respond to messages on the address, and set the agenda for meetings and discussions.


Shares the role and can stand-in for the President at meetings if unavailable.


Keeps the bank account and financial records, reports to the group on financial standing at meetings.


Assists the Treasurer to keep membership lists up to date. Takes notes at meetings and assists with communication on membership drive.


Updates content and makes adjustments and improvements to the web site.